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Mantia's Cheese Garlic Toast, 11.8oz 

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Mantia's<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Cheese Garlic Toast, 11.8oz
Create your own Italian masterpiece with Mantia's Cheese Garlic Toast. Delicious, crusty garlic bread with melting cheese-fresh from your oven in minutes. Sure to dress up any pasta night!

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my family loves garlic bread and when i found this at save-a-lot i had to try it. absolutely delicious. i won't buy another brand ever again. just enough garlic and the cheese is so good!

memphis8706, New Salem, PA

Mantia'sGarlic Toast is great as a side item with pasta dishes. It takes only minutes to prepare and can serve the entire family.

WolfSpiritReiki, Caribou, ME

I love manta's garlic cheese toast so much that I buy 2-3 a month. It cooks up evenly and has a wonderful flavor.

tazrox, Holiday, FL


kwith1014, Akron, OH

This Cheese Garlic Toast is GREAT! It's very inexpensive, tastes very good and is a very quick, versatile side to go with many different types of dinners. It can be baked, broiled or grilled in 5 minutes time, and the flavor is consistently good. The 3 of us go through about 4 boxes a month, we just love it!

Unikat, Holley, NY
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