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Mantia's Cheese Pizza, 20.7oz 

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Mantia's<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Cheese Pizza, 20.7oz
Bring authentic Italian flavor home with Mantia's Cheese Pizza. Flavorful crust covered with sauce and creamy cheeses-all at a fraction of the price of delivery!

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Good pizza's i always add my own personal touch and additional ingredients to frozen pizza but for the prince you cant beat them!

crisco19, Arcadia, FL

Keep these on hand for your teens for late night snacks. No other brand will do since they've had these. And the price can't be beat! Made with REAL cheese too!

paulajean, Charleston, SC

These are wonderful cooked on the grill...and cook rather quickly. Love serving them as an appetizer course before the main grill fare. Great Value as well!

genefx, Sanford, NC

This cheese pizza is perfect to make into a "gourmet pizza' by simply adding your own unique ingredients. We take peeled/deveined shrimp & marinate them in hot sauce.. when it is dinner time we place the shrimp on top of the pizza.. (discarding the remaining hot sauce) then sprinkle the pizza with Old Bay or similiar seasoning.. bake according to the directions and have a pizza that if you do find at a restaurant (which we have but with tiny shrimp without the flavor) that sells for $20 & up. You can also take the Buffalo chicken tenders.. bake them according to the directions.. cut into bite-size pieces, add blue cheese crumbles and chopped celery.. like having a chicken wing but on a pizza! Add some fresh spinach, feta cheese and chicken tenders (cut into bite-size pieces) and have your own version of a Greek Pizza. The additions are endless but such a great start with this simple but great pizza!

wilsontricia, Palm Bay, FL

Hey listen, I got (3 kids) 2 girls 6yrs old and an 8yr old son...the boy eats like a machine...and at a lil more than $2.00 a piece these are a must in my fridge!!! Great crunch and a sinch to make...I would definately recommened these as they are just as good if not better than the $6-7.00 ones at OTHER stores!!!!

bigbeijar, New Bedford, MA