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Nature Trails Chewy Chocolate Chip, 8.4oz 

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Nature Trails<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Chewy Chocolate Chip, 8.4oz
Experience the taste of adventure with the Nature Trails Chewy Granola Bar -Chocolate Chip. Chewy granola bars with miniature chocolate chips-something the whole family will love.

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Granola bars are great for snacks on the go -- for camping, shopping, working or just hungry at home. With these granola bars, you have the added bonus of saving money for your snacks!

tonyab.miles, Lexington, KY

These are great! We all love them in our household and love the price.

candkking13, Blairsville, GA

Great tasting and great price.

emjelijohnson, Hazel Park, MI

These are great for a snack for any age. I'm a college student, and I eat them in the morning before class. They are just about as good as the name brand version.

mlterry2, Tuscaloosa, AL
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