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Nature Trails Chewy Granola Bar Variety Pack, 8.4oz 

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Nature Trails<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Chewy Granola Bar Variety Pack, 8.4oz
Experience the taste of adventure with the Nature Trails Chewy Granola Bar Variety Pack. A variety flavors the whole family will love.

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I bought these for my daughters school snacks. She likes them as much as the more expensive name brands. And they are more healthy for you than other sweet treats,

laurasher, South Portland, ME

My children and all their friends enjoy this health granola bars for a quick snack after they are done swimming in the pool weather its durning school or durning summer its a easy yummy snack they all enjoy including myself its great for on the run heading out for work in the morning. Thanks for keeping it in the stores!!! Great work... :)

tampip30, Spring Hill, FL

I cant tell you how many times I have bought these and they dont last in my house..they are usually all gone the next day!!!

ryno67, Linton, IN

This is a great mid morning snack gives you just enough boost to go till lunch

Ntpalinda4u2, Silver Springs, FL
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