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Shaner's® Chicken & Cheddar Nibblers, 18oz 

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Shaner's<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Chicken & Cheddar Nibblers, 18oz
Make dinnertime fun with Shaner's Chicken & Cheddar Nibblers. Juicy white meat chicken with real cheese bits in niblet-shaped patties. Also great for game nights & parties! Fully cooked and microwaveable.

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According to my 3 and 5 year old children, tThese are the ONLY chicken nuggets in the world! I thought my store had quit carrying these but was pleasantly pleased to find out they are still available, just in new packaging! Thank you Save-A-Lot!!! :)


Pretty good. I prefer the Shaners plain chicken nuggets but they were sold out one day and I got these instead. These are very similar but have a different texture due to the cheese. I was not disappointed in my purchase and would buy them again but I do prefer the plain nuggets, mostly due to the texture since they tasted almost the same to me.

SeaRose13, Jacksonville, FL

they are very good just don't over cook them.

firefli22, tiusville, FL
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