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Banquet Chicken Dumpling Crock Pot, 41.5oz 

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Banquet Chicken Dumpling Crock Pot, 41.5oz
Serve up an American classic with this Banquet Chicken Dumpling Crock Pot Meal. Tender bites of chicken and dumplings accompanied by a vegetable medley in a rich and creamy sauce.

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this is my most favored meal but this is the only store that carries it. i hope they never get rid of it.


I love the product but I think it would be better with dark meat instead of white meat.

Tcal, Astatula, FL

I have a family of 6, so when it comes to simplistic cooking, I am definitely in need of it. This meal is easy to make and tastes great!

kristin.kline, Jefferson City, MO

I have a very busy work schedule and have little time to prepare homeade meals. My husband had been craving dumplings. I was at my Sav-a-Lot and dcided to try the Banquet Dumplings. My husband rqaved about it and said he couldn't tell that they weren't from scratch. What a great product to have brought into your store. Thanks for the help. Tanya

i-loverocks, Sparta, TN

This is eay and taste great!!

Connie40383, Versailles, KY