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Jade Dragon Chicken Egg Rolls, 9.75oz 

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Jade Dragon<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Chicken Egg Rolls, 9.75oz
Bring authentic Asian flavor to your own kitchen with Jade Dragon Chicken Egg Rolls. Crispy egg rolls with a stuffed with a mouth-watering chicken filling.

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Pretty Good! You can use your microwave oven to heat them up, they come out crispy and delicious.

devidanewman, Silver Spring, MD

Wow! These are so easy and SO GOOD, especially after cutting trees and cleaning up branches and house pieces after the 3rd tornado of the day! I wish Save-a-Lot would carry all of the other items! Thanks Save-a-Lot!

dmckaig2002, Rossville, GA

great tasting....

bigred60, Lexington, NC

i really enjoyed these for the price

marian1plus4, Altoona, PA

Thought I'd never like anything else besides pork in an egg roll but now...great product..gets yourself some soon...

kidlectric, Kansas City, MO