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Shaner's® Chicken Nibblers, 18oz 

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Shaner's<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Chicken Nibblers, 18oz
Make dinnertime fun with Shaner's Chicken Nibblers. Juicy white meat chicken in niblet-shaped patties. Also great for game nights & parties! Fully cooked and microwaveable.

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I have tried every name brand chicken nugget there is, and this is the only chicken nugget my family will eat.

jenleonbrooke, Ethel, WV

Love these! Great for a quick meal or snack. Also good for Bite-Size Chicken Parmesan!


I like these nuggets. They are quick and tasty.

goodgirl2513, Chatsworth, GA

Good eating. So quick and easy even a kid could do it in the microwave of course.

trinidy, Casselberry, FL

these have the right amount of seasonings and my children really enjoy them as a snack or as a meal you can never go wrong with these as an option.

mesmerized, cleveland, OH