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Banquet Chicken Nuggets, 28oz 

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Make dinner fun again with these Banquet Chicken Nuggets. Juicy chicken patties with a flavorful, seasoned breading in a fun, bite-sized portion. Perfect with ketchup, honey-mustard sauce, or your favorite dip!

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These are so yummy!!!!!!!!!

brokenangel88, Dublin, VA

Wow I love save a lot, at a big name store the same product was on sale 2 for 8.00. Ithought that was great with my 1.oo off coupon, then i went to save a lot and their normal price is 3.99!!!! Cheeper then a sale price at the big name store. Everything we have gotten so far at save a lot has been outstanding in value.You have nothen to lose by shopping save a lot. I'm sure glad I did and my family is too.

pamcollins70, Central Square, NY

One Dinner That Is On Top of My List.

will-32, Dubuque, IA

My daughter absolutely loves the chicken nuggets. It's a quick and easy meal when we're on the run to her softball games!!!

pheise, Amherst, OH

This is a great place to grocery shop for any family. You can prepare a meal for a family of 5 and still save money . Print coupons also is a great deal. We love to shop here. Clean place and nice personal.

JerezN1, Winter Park, FL