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Banquet Chicken Patties, 12oz 

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Everyone will be asking for seconds with these Banquet Chicken Patties. Tender and juicy chicken patties with a flavorful, seasoned breading are perfect for sandwiches or on their own. Made with white meat chicken.

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My family and I have been buying these chicken patties for years now! And we STILL love them!! We have them at least once a week as chicken parmesan or in a pinch they work great as just good ole chicken sandwiches. We will definitely keep buying them.

Tracy_Silliman, Jonesboro, IL

We just started getting these. They are wonderful! Not greasy, and not too salty. Even one was quite filling . It is a real piece of chicken breast, not pressed chicken. Make sandwiches on Sav a lot freshly baked Italian bread, add lettuce and a little ranch dressing, and like I said, de lish! This is a quality product at an excellent price! Great for a quick lunch or supper with mac and cheese and a salad!!! J Ayers

jm.ayers, Lima, NY

These make great sandwiches for lunch that are quick to make


I like to buy these anytime I shop. A quick and easy meal that my family loves

pamie6711, Newburgh Hts, OH
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