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Shaner's® Chicken Tenders, 40oz 

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Shaner's<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Chicken Tenders, 40oz
Create all your favorite recipes with Shaner's Chicken Tenders. Juicy chicken slices are flash-frozen for freshness and ready to cook. Perfect for stir-fry and salad!

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your shaners chicken tenders are the best. I was a little leary at first wondering what the quality and taste would be like....tried them and LOVE them! they are a staple in our freezer all the time, quick easy to fix. we grill ours for a quick addition to our salads for a healthy meal!


these chicken tenders are the overall best value, flavor, and price. Very unexpected in what is considered a "generic" brand, you can't get the same value price and quality at other stores (even when on sale). I buy them for my family to make a very large variey of things from chicken stir fry, to chicken noodle soup

sean-n-april, lucasville, OH

I have to admit, I was wondering if they would be as good as the big name brand chicken tenders were. Well they were actually better! My daughter was having her tonsils taken out and she wanted fried chicken before her surgery and I fried those and the whole family loved them. Great price too when feeding a family of 5! Love them and I drive 30min to Save-A-Lot instead of going to the local grocery here!

jsrae3, Taylorsville, KY

it looks great...hope to try them out soon!

chewtur86, Muskogee, OK

I love these. They fry up so nice and quick. Just take out what you need and put the rest back in the freezer. This is my choice for a quick meal

bonnielee821, Baldwin, MI