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Coburn Farms® Chocolate Drink Mix-Instant, 30oz 

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Coburn Farms<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Chocolate Drink Mix-Instant, 30oz
Experience the rich chocolate taste of Coburn Farms Chocolate Drink Mix-Instant. Just stir into milk and enjoy. Great for kids and adults alike!

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I found this chocolate to taste even better than the name brand. It disolves much better too. Yum.

watts4664, Panama City, FL

Me and my family loved it we will surely be buying more it has a sweet taste that my kids loved

theshoppingwiz, marion, OH

My husband picked this up for our camping weekend. He definitely saved the day! Very comparable to name brand!

kass87, Coal Township, PA

Way better taste and value than any name brand.

mhill, Mendota, IL

This chocolate milk mix is better than any high priced name brand. It has a malt flavor to it, unlike any other chocolate mix out there.

SharoninFlorida, Jacksonville, FL