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PortSide® Chunk Light Tuna in Water, 5oz 

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PortSide<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Chunk Light Tuna in Water, 5oz

Cast your net for superior savings with Port Side Chunk Light Tuna In Water. Delicious, protein-packed tuna.

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This is the best tuna on the market. It actually contains real pieces or chunks of tuna instead of tuna flakes or bits packed in water. The name brands such as Chicken of the Sea or Starkist have what I call tuna dander in them. You can actually make 2 tuna sandwiches with the tuna in the can. The other brands are filled with water and there is barely enough tuna to make 1/2 sandwich.


Better quality than ANY national brand we've compared it to-- at less than 1/3 the price!

LadyZandra, Pentwater, MI

I have been using Portside Tuna for 10+ years now and have always had good solid chunks. We had to use 2 named brand this past weekend and they were pure mush ... I have seen better cat food. I am a distance from Sav-a-lot so when I get there I buy a large supply of Port Side Tuna....

moparmtn, Limestone, TN

Compared to several different "name brand" cans of tuna I have purchased recently, Port Side tuna has consistently been more solid and less mushy/watery. I prefer this brand over name brands.


The canned tuna is super cheap and tastes really good!