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Trooper® Chunky Beef Dog Food, 13.2oz 

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Trooper<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Chunky Beef Dog Food, 13.2oz

Give your dogs the best on a budget with Special Blend Beef Canned Dog Food. Delicious wet dog food made with nutritious beef.

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We have tried many canned dog foods. Our three Snorkies LOVE TROOPER and so far we have only found it at Save a Lot.

Snorkies3, Edgewood , MD

Recently tried this canned food because it was not as expensive as some of the other brands of wet food. My dogs can be very picky on what they eat but they don't have a problem eating this canned food. They seem to really like it.

bwynne1, Moultrie, GA
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