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Baked Fresh Cinnamon & Raisin Bagel, 21oz 

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Baked Fresh<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Cinnamon & Raisin Bagel, 21oz
Keep these Baked Fresh Cinnamon Raisin Bagels on hand for an easy breakfast at home or on the go. A delicious treat for weekend brunches and a great way to liven up humdrum sandwiches.

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Same as in name brand stores witout paying the price. Taste GREAT!!!

bbrodhacker, Godfrey, IL

same brands at lower prices..luv to shop at save a lot.


These bagels are great. Tons of raisins. Like others said, wished they offered more flavors.

kolohegirl06, Putnam Valley, NY

These are great, my family likes them better than the "famous" brand :) Toast them up, add some cream cheese and a cup of coffee, it's a great morning!

kathydodge, Sweet Home, OR

a great product, far superior to the name brand!

mjcpwc, Lorain, OH

These bagels are by far better than the brand name ones that I used to buy. I just wish they came in more flavors. Get some and try them yourself.

zhenb, Malden, MA

Absolutely fabulous bagels for the price! No skimping on the raisins, pretty impressive!

terri65l, Portland, OR

Absolutely fabulous bagels for the price! No skimping on the raisins, pretty impressive!

terri65l, Portland, OR

They are delicious!

susea20, Minden, LA

They are delicious!

susea20, Minden, LA

I am so addicted to these! I could eat them for every meal if I was able to wrestle them away from my kids!

meganwilcox0823, Kansas City, KS

These smell great the minute I pick them up till I put them in toaster great product

Ntpalinda4u2, Silver Springs, FL

Great toasted with butter.

jmbidwel, FL

I just love them so fresh and tasty

Sachjelady, Egg Harbor Township, NJ

These are the softest freshest bagels I can find anywhere locally! Myself And my family enjoy them very much! :) melanie

mlq042000, Goshen, IN

These are great toasted


These are delicious in the morning with a cup of coffee. I love the cinnamon and raisin flavors.


very tasty..the whole family loves it :)

rodneyharrah, Columbus, OH

these are great in the morning especially if you are in a hurry...

jaffry.ward, Jackson, MS

great toasted with butter or cream cheese

jamesw1939, milledgeville , GA

Every time I shop, I have to stock up on these, not only do I love them but my kids prefer them to cereal every day. They are REALLY good with honey nut cream cheese.

gamommy, Colorado Springs, CO

Takes me back to my child hood. i love the cinnamon raisin.

ro2u46, hazelwood , MO

very tasty..the whole family loves it :)

jlsjz, Roseville, MI

Takes great,tell no difference from other brands.Good food!

setfree, jasper, GA

Great tasting with cream cheese!

rockys57, Newport News, VA
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