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Cinnamon Swirls Cereal, 13oz 

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Sweeten up your day with Goldstrike Cinnamon Swirls Cereal. Wholesome cereal bites with fun swirls of real cinnamon in every bite.

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Our family loves these, they taste better than the name brand!

gnleslie, Rochester, IN

This cereal is every bit as good as the more expensive Cinnamon toast crunch.

ssisk3, Brunswick, GA

Instead of buying namebrand cereal, I just buy save a lot's cereals with great taste at a great price. Forget using coupons on the namebrand stuff when I can just come here and save without the hassle!

leena934, East Providence, RI

this cereal is so cinnamony and it doesn't get soggy in the milk and it is so much better then the name brand cereal for half the price I shop at savealot for 95% of my groceries and I wouldn't change this for anything

rschanbacher, York, PA

My kids absolutely love this cinnamon swirl cereal. It is one of their favorites, and a much better price than most cereals.

canngo22, Wentzville, MO