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Kiggins Cinnamon Swirls Cereal, 12.8oz 

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Kiggins<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Cinnamon Swirls Cereal, 12.8oz
Spice up your breakfast routine with Kiggins Cinnamon Swirls Cereal. Crispy, lightly-sweetened cereal with the rich flavor of cinnamon in every bite. Love by kids and adults alike!

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This cereal tastes just like name brand cereal, but much cheaper! I love it. :)

kirameep, West Park, FL

This cereal is great and tastes just like the name brands at other stores, my kids love it! Why pay more when you can save a lot ?!


This is an awesome product. The cinnamon flavor is great. This product tastes just like the name brand but the cost is much more efficient.

sarita6620, Rocky Mount, NC
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