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Cinnamon Swirls Cereal, 13oz 

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Sweeten up your day with Goldstrike Cinnamon Swirls Cereal. Wholesome cereal bites with fun swirls of real cinnamon in every bite.

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I love this cereal. There is just the right mix of cinnamon and sweetness. This cereal is better than a certain brand name, and the price is better too!

purplesmurple, New Haven, CT

This is a most excellent product. My older teenaged children absolutely love them. I have to buy several at a time when I shop because they eat them up so quickly!

cacp69, St Ann, MO

These are just as good as Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Would recommend to everyone!!!!

mexi16, Kansas City, MO

My family love this cereal. It taste great and cost so much less the name brand cereal you can buy. i shop at save a lot for the great prices and the great customer service.

allybama07, Toledo, OH

My family absolutely loves this cereal. It's a great snack too