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Kaskey's® Clam Chowder Easy Open Can, 18.8oz 

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Kaskey's<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Clam Chowder Easy Open Can, 18.8oz
Enjoy the wholesome goodness of Caskey's Clam Chowder Easy Open Can. Delicious Caskey's soup in an easy-to-open can. Great for lunch, dinner, or anytime!

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I have tried just about every brand of clam chowder in this area, including homemade at restaurants. This is by far the best I have had. No grit, the potatoes don't have the black rot like in the name brands and it is thick and rich. Perfect!

CBellaD, Ozark, AL

Please,bring back Captain Shorley's! I was Very disappointed when I tried this new brand of clam chowder.The Captain was on par,or better than the big boy's.Caskey's is the worst chowder.. Ever!It has a strong fish smell and flavor(not the good kind).Grit/sand/shell and did I mention the smell?

trustyrusty, holiday, FL

Love this Clam Chowder soup! I've tried all the other name brands and not a one comes to close to Caskey. Mmmm, now I am hungry. Think I'll open a can, heat, add some yummy croutons on top.

mopcopsop, Westland, MI

Kaskey's soup and bullion cubes are among the best if not the best. I think that says it all and I am a big soup lover. I make homemade Chicken & Beef Veg. & Beef barely a few times a month each from scratch. But when you want some good soup fast there great.

bigcj, parma, OH

This is the best canned clam chowder ever. Being from New England I grew up on homemade clam chowder. This is a good substitue

oceanbreeze54, Weaver, AL

This is very good soup for the price. Not too many potatoes to overtake the soup and not too little on the clams. Good flavor and not watery. My husband loves this on a chilly day with a little cracked pepper and crushed up saltines.

LadyJade, Hixson, TN

I am from Massachusetts and this is by far the BEST chowder I have had!!! Very Very thick and creamy and I make my homeade clam cakes with this and what a great meal this makes! I have tried other clam chowders and this has them all beat!! Kschofield

Kschofield, Port Richey, FL

this is by far the best clam chowder i've ever had. the clams are not too chewy like the other brands i've had.


I love Caskey's Clam Chowder. The flavor is always fresh. The texture is very creamy. It's the only kind I get now.

golightly, New Port Richey, FL
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