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Bubba® Cola Blue, 67.6oz 

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Bubba<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Cola Blue, 67.6oz

Get all the sparkling cola taste you're after at a fraction of the price with Bubba Cola. So cool and refreshing!

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it great good taste and same calories as other sodas

roygie, sanford, FL

I just wanted to say that I absolutley LOVE the Bubba Blue Cola. It tastes the same if not better than Pepsi. I never even noticed you made red and blue cola until my husband told me about it and he bought some. I drank one glass and I was hooked! I believe I even love this more than Pepsi!

gjet68, Dexter, MO

My husband and I used to be huge Pepsi drinkers, but then we got hooked on Bubba. Once we saw you guys switched to the 'red' and 'blue' Bubba, we thought that was awesome! 'Blue' Bubba is the way to go, and soooooooo much more affordable than the 'other stuff'!

joeandbeccawedding, Warren, OH

Pepsi used to be just about the only cola I ever drank, but I actually like Bubba Blue BETTER than Pepsi. And the price is so much more affordable. Love it!!

carolyndelano, Stony Point, NC

My husband will only drink pepsi but I got him to try Bubba cola and he liked it just as much as pepsi!! I love that the price of Bubba cola is GREATLY affordable!

redneckprincess2010, Cambridge, OH