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Bubba® Cola Red, 12can 

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Bubba<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Cola Red, 12can

Get all the sparkling cola taste you're after at a fraction of the price with Bubba Cola. So cool and refreshing

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I love the blue Bubba- whats up with the red Bubba though?? does anybody have any input on the reda Too afraid to try it! I thought msybe it was caffein free.


I bought Bubba cola red and was skeptical at first because usually store brand cola tastes funky. I was blown away at how it tastes just like the red name brand soda. I used to buy only Pepsi but now I plan on sticking with Bubba. $0.99 for six cans is awesome!!

mattlb1978, Springfield, MO

I bought both blue and red and had a dorky taste test with my girlfriend. We were skeptical but we were kind of blown away with how similar they were to their name brand counterparts.


Wonderful Cola. Faithful users for many years.

fechner2, Hemet, CA

Tastes just as good as other brands but much cheaper. We love it & buy it all the time now.

gtboyer, Somerville, TN