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Collard Greens, 8oz 

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Collard Greens, 8oz

Be sure to remember Save-A-Lot's Fresh Produce on your next grocery trip. Fresh Produce varies from store to store, so keep your eyes out for great fresh specials!

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I b ought a 32 0z bag of shredded collard greens. They were labeled Nature's Greens. The collards were pristine! Saved me a lot of work. The leaves were tender and the bag was not loaded with a bunch of woody stems. Will buy again.


Save-A-Lot has the best variety of greens at the best value… The store is always stocked and the greens don’t look old and outdated. The quality of taste is good and the greens are not hard and time consuming to clean… Save-A-Lot will be my first choice over the farmers market for greens.

felicia.curtis, Saint Louis, MO
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