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World's Fair® Cookies and Cream, 64fl oz 

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World's Fair<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Cookies and Cream, 64fl oz
Experience the world-class flavor of World's Fair Cookies 'N Cream Ice Cream-_-gallon. Creamy vanilla ice cream with chocolate cookie pieces. Yum!

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Love it, Just as good as the more expensive brands for less. My kid loves ice cream and the perfect place to stock up is save a lot.

rebekaht1125, Pennington Gap, VA

Love the ice cream - just like a blizzard from Dairy Queen -- grat to make smoothies with

henderso_J04, Tallahassee, FL

MMMMMMMMMM- you can always count on a super treat on these hot days- tastes great- kids love it and very reasonably priced!!! thank you!

ashmat7363, Elkhart, IN

I truly enjoy this specific flavor of Ice cream at save a lot and at an affordable price which compared to other stores is a steal I hope others try out the wonderful varieties of flavors there!

heard.raphael, Akron, OH

by far the BEST ice cream there is....our family LOVES this ice cream!

ellenlmueller, Pleasant Hill, MO
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