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Kiggins Cornflakes, 18oz 

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Kiggins<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Cornflakes, 18oz
You can't go wrong with a breakfast classic like Kiggins Cornflakes. Simple, crunchy goodness in every bite. Try them topped with your favorite fruit!

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This cereal is as good if not better then kelloggs corn flakes.... R.Raison


I bought these corn flakes because of the price and now the taste far exceeds that of the original corn flakes brand. They simple have a fuller taste. I eat at least one bowl of corn flakes every night plus my dogs eat them dry. Then two other members of my household enjoyed the taste so much that know I have to purchase 2 boxes a week.

GGBrown, Carlisle, OH

This cereal is so much better than Kellogg's Corn Flakes. The price is also better!!

denah035, Allegan, MI

I love the taste and I use them in many different receipts, they are not only great tasting but WOW you can not beat the price! Thank you save a lot for making it so easy for me to shop and save money!!

countrylady_spartanburg, Campobello, SC
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