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Bay Mist® Cranberry Raspberry Cocktail, 64fl oz 

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Bay Mist<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Cranberry Raspberry Cocktail, 64fl oz
Quench your thirst with this Bay Mist Cranberry Raspberry Cocktail. Sweet raspberry juice and tangy cranberry juice, sweetened to perfection.

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One of my favorite drinks from Save-A-Lot. Put in the freezer to had a little slush to it and pour it over pineapples in your glass, very tasty!

helengivens, Louisville, KY

I have my seven grandchildren drink a lot of juices instead of sodas, etc. Every time we shop together, the cranberry raspberry is the first juice they pick, and then it is apple. They love the taste and it makes them "healthy and strong!", as they say. I stock up on these juices every month. It has the perfect combination of juices and the raspberry seems to take the tart bite out of the cranberry. Kim Best

kmbreb71793, Lake City, FL

Great tasting, affordable

jdamm, Cloverdale, MI

The Cran-Raz Cocktail has definitely changed...A LOT..... The new one is not even comparable to Ocean Spray..YUK!... It tastes fake.. The original one had a tang you would get just like a real cranberry on the back of your's not there anymore..It's not as good and I know people realize this... I just want to know WHY IT HAD TO CHANGE...

iAmCare, Oxford, ME

OK... I LOVED Bay mist Cran RaZ-Cocktail Juice..but I have noticed that that Great ZING POWWY ZIP is gone ever since the new Label . I know it has Changed...Almost like it's a little watered down or something. Bay Mist was even better then Ocean spray..Now is has fallen behind...What's UP!?...And it's NOT my imagination....I Have Both to compare

iAmCare, Oxford, ME