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Bay Mist® Cranberry Sauce, 16oz 

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Bay Mist<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Cranberry Sauce, 16oz
When you want to add a little something special to a meal, try this Bay Mist Cranberry Sauce. A perfect accompaniment to turkey or chicken. Great for Thanksgiving and year-round!

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When we shop at Sav a Lot we buy a months groceries. Then we also shop for what we forgot. We only use one more store. The hardware store. Jackie Gahan Brunswick, GA

Dud, Brunswick, GA

I always choose this product at holiday time for my recipies.

PuttPutt, Dubuque, IA

I LOVE THIS CRANBERRY SAUCE!!! I use it when there is a sale on chicken breast and use it like a compliment to my baked chicken breast and cranberry sauce with mash and gravy yummmy!!!!

peanutbeba, Clearwater, FL

I was unsure at first about this cranberry sauce, but it exceeded my expectations! Every bit as tasty and firm as the top brand, at a much better price for my budget! Buy this with confidence at SaveALot!

Snoodlz, Pickens, SC

cant say anything bad good stuff here

bigcj, parma, OH

As good as the national brand and you can't beat the price.

p.frank, East Tawas, MI

cheaper than the brand names and you cant taste the difference!!!


best cranberry sauce I have had in a long time thank you

crystalb, walnut, MS
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