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Coburn Farms® Cream Cheese, 8oz 

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Coburn Farms<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Cream Cheese, 8oz

Enjoy the rich, creamy taste of Coburn Farms Cream Cheese on your morning bagel. Smooth cream cheese is perfect for sandwiches, spreads, and baking.

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I just brought 4 packages of this stuff on a whim because it was rather cheap, now I want to know it's as good as the philly creamcheese and can make excellent cheesecakes? Sigh*


This cream cheese is the bomb! It makes a great compliment to any receipe and is about half price of Philadelphia cream cheese. I think it even tastes better! Give it a try

nutintado, Pioneer, TN

Excellent in recipes I use about 8 of these every two weeks sometimes more.

mennew, Nash, TX

I mix different seasonings....curry, garlic salt, oregano, in the cream cheese and spread on toast for a snack

susiekingfish, clearwater, FL

This cream cheese is full of favor . I use it mostly with my dips i make from scratch, but is good in all recipes or just plain with bagel.

sunshine5908, Grand Rapids, MI

my kids love the cobum,i my self love to shopat save a lot,i shop at least once a week or more.

babyrayl, fort myers, FL

Love this cream cheese!

djdelano, Temple, ME

love this product i make the Best cheesecake ever topped with blueberries>>>mmmmmmmmm

LADYLISA198029, Murphy, NC

The cream cheese is a good quality inexpensive treat. I use it for many of my homemade recipes.

mrsmath, Smethport, PA

Very reasonably price and tastes great! I use it in all of my recipes.

charmagne, New Orleans, LA

Best I ever had and the price is right.

irenesart, Petersburg, VA

Use this product for my cheesecakes and it works just as well as any other brand cream cheese and I got a great deal on my last purchase. They were only 67 cents each, I bought an entire case :)))

naketa03, Berea, KY

Just used this to make fruit tarts and it tasted good. I was skeptical at first because I usually use Philadelphia Cream Cheese, but this brand was just as good.

delores.glover, Henderson, NC

The is the cheapest you can get cream cheese anywhere!! And its just as good as the name brand!!

djh0702, New Orleans, LA

The Coburn Cream Cheese is the best. The price is even better. Tastes exactly like any "Name Brand, " if not better.

bcwolfston, Traverse City, MI

Creamy, tastes just as good as Philadelphia brand, excellent value. Makes great cheesecake, veggie dip!

sapphire, New Orleans, LA

This creaam chess is just the smoothest and richest cream cheese I have tasted, I use it in all my recipes,,,and the low prices are unbelevable for the quality of the product.

smweir302, Whitman, MA

Once again, this product proves you do not have to spend more to get the best. Unless you like spending money you don't have to, try this item. It is well worth the trip to Save A Lot to pick it up.

jhwagner, Alpena, MI

this yummy cream cheese in Save-a-lot is the best! it is cheaper than anywhere too! i love in the morning, afternoon and evening!!! just have it with the toast whenever i feel hungry!!


This cream cheese is just as good if not better than national brands while helping cut our grocery bills : )

delta_b_me, Farmington, ME

greart as good as the name brand


I love your Coburn Farms cream tastes just as good as the nationally known brand and costs much less......and I'm all about saving money!

outlook1, Talladega, AL

I love this cream cheese. I use when needed for cakes, brownies and more.

Deborah, Pensacola, FL

Great product!! Smooth and creamy I stock up on it because I make a lot of cheesecakes. They turn out perfect everytime!

Rhooper, Marion, OH

Coburn Farms Cream Cheese is way better than the Nat'l brands and it cost less and taste best. I love just putting it on cracdkers, making my own homemade olive dip or just putting it on toast bread. It is creamy and smooth.

hnhretireeroost, Elberton, GA

Your brand is much more economical and tastes great. This is one of my favorite products!


I love your cream cheese and the neufchatel cheese. Both taste very creamy and just as good as the name brand!

fullojoy_2000, Wilmerding, PA



I have used this to make a family favorite, Banana Split Cake. I have also used Philadelphia brand Cream Cheese. You can't tell the difference and Save-a-Lot's brand is less expensive.

andrea_m_henry, Middleport, OH

Great for my homemade alfredo, added to salsa, on toast or bagels, i use it as a secret creamy ingredient in spaghetti sauce too! Love it!


Wonderful, creamy and fresh! No need to buy the other popular brand here.

ptlpshr2, Port Charlotte, FL

Very comparable t the national brand at about half the price!

FrostyZena, Akron, OH

Great price, great taste and makes wonderful cheese cakes. Also as a snack or lunch with Strawberry jam on toast or crackers.

Freddiepie, Elma, NY

I love this especially on the raisin bagels, it add just the right zip and so healthy too.

wishful1945, Saline, MI

Make a great appetizer by adding diced green olives and filling celery boats.

jfarris13, Lakewood, OH

Just as good as the "name brand", but easier on the wallet by far!

amjtop, Lehigh Acres, FL

Easy to soften, good taste and is very reasonably priced. My husband loves this melted in eggs with chives.

LadyJade, Hixson, TN

As a professional baker, I'm impressed with both the quality & the fantastic price!

mombuckham, Shelby, OH

Tastes great on your Bagels and with any other bread or cracker

alejandroomi, Buffalo, NY

This is a great product! Tastes just as good, if not better, than the expensive brand! I made a delicious berry cheesecake parfait for Christmas using it, and everyone loved it!

h_richard110, Terrytown, LA


tiggerj1, Ambrose, GA

this is a great tasting cream cheese and priced lower then any "name brand".


would be great if the link allowed you to print a coupon

floridadee, lake wales, FL

one word.... YUM.... works great in recipes.. love it

raccoon042, Winter Springs, FL

My wife and I love the value and the quality of Sav-a-lot products. The cream cheese is as good as kraft and cheaper.

rc136561, Fayetteville, NC

I simply love Coburn Farms cream cheese. In fact ALL of their products are high quality and are no different or even better than the natioan brand. I have used this cream cheese in several recipes and it works wonderful.

ehennessey2, Sanford, FL

There is no difference in taste between Coburn Farms Cream Cheese and the more expensive brand. How nice that this is available to those of us on a fixed income, in these economic times. Save-A-Lot is a blessing in this area of Indiana.

chixnan1, Monterey, IN

its as good as philly cream cheese

timboardman, walnut, MS

Better than the national brand and better priced too.

djt941, Bradenton, FL

with all the great things said about this cream cheese I'll have to try it for sure!!!!W


This cream cheese is absolutely delicious; it has a very creamy texture. It can be used in any recipe. Why by a name brand when you can pay a lot less at Sav-A-Lot with Coburn Farms Cream Cheese. The coupon is a perk.

djrogers63, Milford, DE

This cream cheese is absolutely delicious; it has a very creamy texture. It can be used in any recipe. Why by a name brand when you can pay a lot less at Sav-A-Lot with Coburn Farms Cream Cheese. The coupon is a perk.

djrogers63, Milford, DE

Delicious, creamy and with the coupon from the save-a-lot web site a real bargain!

ohiosupermom, Akron, OH

This cream cheese is my absolute favorite! Better than ANY name brand I have tried. My whole family prefers it AND I love the Save A Lot printable coupon, too! :)


Coburn Farms Cream Cheese is wonderful. I use it on bagels, English muffins, and in lots of recipes. It tastes great, spreads easily, and lasts a long time. It is just as good as the better-known brands, but is a much better value!


This is the best cream cheese, equal to the national brand. I use it all the time for sweet or savory dishes.

Mimicatt, Normalville, PA

This is the best priced cream cheese around, regular and lite. Can't taste the difference between this brand and the main labels


This is a excellent product. It is as smooth and creamy as the expensive national brand at a much lower cost! A real quality cream cheese that backs well, spreads consistantly well and is great just ot of the package for use on toast or bagels. In fact one of our favorite breakfast items is Coburn Cream Cheese and sausage on biscuits!!! Mmmmmmm!!!

itog, Helena, AL
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