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Kaskey's® Cream Of Chicken Soup, 10.5oz 

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Kaskey's<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Cream Of Chicken Soup, 10.5oz
Enjoy the wholesome goodness of Caskey's Cream of Chicken Soup. Great for lunch, dinner, or anytime.

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I Use this soup more than any other soup on the market.Its great for my casaroles that i make with chicken. I also use it for stews and chicken enchiladas. Its very good right by its self!

bwhitehurst002, Tampa, FL

I use the cream of chicken soupou with egg noodles for my family. They just love it. I also use the cream of chicken soup on my mashed potatoes or i just eat it by itself. I have found that it is better than the name brand. I still can't eat totally solid food yet. So i buy plenty each time i shop at Save-a-Lot..

beatricebauguess, Carthage, NC

this soups flavor is far superior to the poplar brand name. i love the soup directly from the can mixed with cooked chicken and spread over chicken flavored stuffing mix. baked in a casserole dish for about 45 min. @ 350*...yum!

isaacsta99, rosedale, MD

Kaskey's soup and bullion cubes are among the best if not the best. I think that says it all and I am a big soup lover. I make homemade Chicken & Beef Veg. & Beef barely a few times a month each from scratch. But when you want some good soup fast there great.

bigcj, parma, OH

I use this product at least once a week either with pasta or vegatables an dthe family still wants to know how I make it taste so good.

daiseydonts, orlando, FL