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Kaskey's® Cream Of Chicken Soup, 10.5oz 

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Kaskey's<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Cream Of Chicken Soup, 10.5oz
Enjoy the wholesome goodness of Caskey's Cream of Chicken Soup. Great for lunch, dinner, or anytime.

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I tried this product last night, in place of Campbells soup on a family recipe. Honestly, no one noticed any difference-yet the cost of this soup is almost half the cost of the other brand. Thank you!!! I am always so happy to find ways to save my family money without having to sacrifice taste.

angela-cunningham, Traverse City, MI

Tastes great and good value.

4givn, Scottsboro, AL

Wonderful--better than Campbell's--more flavor, better consistency. Love the recipes on labels--chicken enchiladas, scalloped potatoes. Excellent in chicken pot pie, Las Vegas chicken, Elegant Chicken, any recipe calling for chicken soup.

11-17-41, Vero Beach, FL

Excellent for casseroles.

walt498, port barre, LA

I Use this soup more than any other soup on the market.Its great for my casaroles that i make with chicken. I also use it for stews and chicken enchiladas. Its very good right by its self!

bwhitehurst002, Tampa, FL

I Use this soup more than any other soup on the market.Its great for my casaroles that i make with chicken. I also use it for stews and chicken enchiladas. Its very good right by its self!

bwhitehurst002, Tampa, FL

I use the cream of chicken soupou with egg noodles for my family. They just love it. I also use the cream of chicken soup on my mashed potatoes or i just eat it by itself. I have found that it is better than the name brand. I still can't eat totally solid food yet. So i buy plenty each time i shop at Save-a-Lot..

beatricebauguess, Carthage, NC

this soups flavor is far superior to the poplar brand name. i love the soup directly from the can mixed with cooked chicken and spread over chicken flavored stuffing mix. baked in a casserole dish for about 45 min. @ 350*...yum!

isaacsta99, rosedale, MD

Kaskey's soup and bullion cubes are among the best if not the best. I think that says it all and I am a big soup lover. I make homemade Chicken & Beef Veg. & Beef barely a few times a month each from scratch. But when you want some good soup fast there great.

bigcj, parma, OH

I use this product at least once a week either with pasta or vegatables an dthe family still wants to know how I make it taste so good.

daiseydonts, orlando, FL

I use Cream of Chicken soup in a lot of my cooking. Like some of the others, I used to use the Big Name Brand. I have also done a comparison and the taste is better and there is a whole lot more chicken than the other brand. M. Stewart Pinellas Park, FL

mstewart, Pinellas Park, FL

I use the Caskey's Cream of Chicken Soup in my chicken and noodles recipe. Great taste and more affordable than the name brand. I definately reccomend this item!

jtmtmr, Mount Morris, IL

This creamed soup was such a pleasant surprise!! I was afraid that due to the much lower price, this would be very low quality! However, my family did a side by side comparison with the more expensive "popular" brand it Caskey's is by far a better soup!!! Awesome taste, and Awesome quality!!

jrnixon74, Brooksville, FL

I love using Caskey's Cream of Chicken soup in all kinds of Chicken dishes. One dish is where the chicken is browned and cooked, remove from pan, add soup and small amount of milk stir til mixed and creamy add back chichen serve over rice, noodles, or mashed potatoes.


My family loves the Cream of Chicken in our own recipe for Chicken breasts and stuffing. LOVE IT!!


I think this soup is great! I use it in recipes all the time. Just as good as the usual name brand.

mayasdeals, Palmer, MA

Great product! Tastes great! I use it to make chicken and rice! Delicious!

tomlor1987, Orange Park, FL

Great soups. Great for cooking too and a much better price than any other brand. I shop at several different stores and caskey's is the best price and value.

djp233, Richmond Dale, OH

All the Caskey's soups are every bit as good as Campbell's and half the price. I buy them all the time.


Best prices on cream of chicken soups and they taste great!

kjohnson7576, Minneola, FL

i love this soup...i use it all the time to cook with....i think its very comparable to the major name brands...and its very affordable

aluv5102, the rock, GA
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