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Crushed Pineapple, 20oz 

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Experience the sweeter side of life with Libby's Crushed Pineapple. Delicious crushed pineapple in natural juices. Great for desserts, sweet salsas, and baking!

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I love pineapple and I make lots of dishes with it.

cbgdame, Plant City, FL

These are very tasty, and handy to use! We use them in a lemon cake mix, and make a fruity very moist cake!

shefrito, Cookeville, TN

I make a carrot cake or banana pudding, take out the bananas and add pineapples.

rjohnso19, Toledo, OH

The crushed pineapple is very good mixed with frozen whipped topping and jello brand pistachio instant pudding. Mix, chill and serve.

saleshopper, dowagiac, MI

Good product and great price!

toddmpire, St. Petersburg, FL

These pineapples are a good item to have around the house. I can not have fresh fruit everyday but I can have these everyday I can just open a can and enjoy the great taste of this fruit. I love the favor and the taste of the pineapples and the price is not bad. In today's economy consumers can not afford to buy and have fresh fruit Save-a-Lot makes it possible to have fruit and we do not have to worry about the prices when shopping the stores. I love going to my cabinet and getting a can of this product to have as a dessert, when I want something sweet, a snack, or with a dinner meal.

chrysolyte20, Tchula, MS

Every bit as good as Top name brands!

gayle.evans, Crescent City, FL
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