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Wylwood® Cut Green Beans, 14.5oz 

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Wylwood<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Cut Green Beans, 14.5oz

Have a nutritious dinner ready in a flash with Wylwood Cut Green Beans. Delicious cut green beans with a fresh-picked taste.

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Way too many stems and litter in can!


These green beans are the best tasting, better than name brand. They are like home grown, when you cook all day in the crock pot and add a slice of bacon and new pototoes

dixiejeanlizzie, Jordan, AR

Highly recommended! We buy these green beans by the case and stockpile them in our basement. High quality, no stems, and very affordable. No need to pay up to a dollar for the name brand. Also, highly recommended for dieting! A can a day as a side instead of mac and cheese or potatoes. I make two cans at a time. Drain half the liquid, add a touch of salt and onion, simmer away. Great value!

albrittonm, Florissant, MO

These are the best green beans ever! I hate the taste of canned green beans so I always add bacon to mine when cooking. I have found that this brand doesn't require to be cooked as long as every other brand I have used to get the taste I require for mine.

adoyle83, Pikeville, KY

These are some of the best green beans at a great price.

georgialott2010, Willacoochee, GA