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Wylwood® Cut Green Beans, 14.5oz 

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Wylwood<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Cut Green Beans, 14.5oz

Have a nutritious dinner ready in a flash with Wylwood Cut Green Beans. Delicious cut green beans with a fresh-picked taste.

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Way too many stems and litter in can!


These green beans are the best tasting, better than name brand. They are like home grown, when you cook all day in the crock pot and add a slice of bacon and new pototoes

dixiejeanlizzie, Jordan, AR

Highly recommended! We buy these green beans by the case and stockpile them in our basement. High quality, no stems, and very affordable. No need to pay up to a dollar for the name brand. Also, highly recommended for dieting! A can a day as a side instead of mac and cheese or potatoes. I make two cans at a time. Drain half the liquid, add a touch of salt and onion, simmer away. Great value!

albrittonm, Florissant, MO

These are the best green beans ever! I hate the taste of canned green beans so I always add bacon to mine when cooking. I have found that this brand doesn't require to be cooked as long as every other brand I have used to get the taste I require for mine.

adoyle83, Pikeville, KY

These are some of the best green beans at a great price.

georgialott2010, Willacoochee, GA

I love Blue Lake green beans and buy these all the time at Save-A-Lot. I've tried expensive brands, and they weren't as good tasting as these. Anticipating rising world food prices, I stock up frequently. Right now I have 3 cases of these on hand, as well as many other staples from Save-A-Lot. I'm so glad you are here for us in these uncertain times.

jflint, Granby, MO

You won't find too many stems, but they are very salty. In my store it's hard to find the no salt ones but I did get them once and they were good.

sharonf, Montgomery, AL

The beans are good and we eat a lot of them. But there is always a stem or two that doesn't get cut off.

greenduckie13, Albion, IL

Our family uses these green beans as a side dish with added pork rind for additional flavoring and we use it in our stews and one-pot casseroles as an ingredient. We like the taste as well; or better, over the more expensive brands. One thing worth noting is these vegetables usually need to be looked at when prior to using, sometimes an attached stem is still on the bean top and can add too much fiber to your meal!

thebus, Niles, OH

more vegetables, less water and better taste than most national brands

pepsmom1, Farmington Hills, MI

My family loved these beans and when I cooked them they ate all that I had and were asking for more. This is very unusual for my son. I definitely wil be going back for more!

cassiebailey, Pikeville, NC

Wylwood green beans are a great option for my dog. We try to keep her weight in a healthy range and my vet suggested adding green beans to her food. She loves it and the Wylwood green beans at Sav-A-Lot are a more economical variety to buy,than the big name brands, while just as good.

kathyctbc, Melbourne, FL

I like most of Sav-A-Lots canned goods. I especially like the green beans. I see no difference in the major store brands and the Wildwood brand. Our household uses them on a routine basis.


I love the Wylwood green beans. They compare to popular brands. I have tried all of the Wylwood canned vegetables and have enjoyed the 50 cents off of 4 coupon. Thanks Save-A-Lot

ubwhereiis, Goose Creek, SC
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