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Wylwood® Cut Okra - Frozen, 16oz 

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Wylwood<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Cut Okra - Frozen, 16oz
Have a nutritious dinner ready in a flash with Wylwood Frozen Cut Okra. Delicious okra makes a wonderful side dish and is also tasty when served fried.
  • Low Sodium

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My daughter and I just love this okra. Plus you can't beat the price.

cdavis124, Waynesboro, TN

Made a turkey patty out of your frozen ground turkey, microwaved a sweet potatoe and stirfried some of your okra in a pan with Balance Butter and salt and pepper. Awesome meal, the okra was tasty without having any bitter flavor! Wonderful!

MAOWE3, Traverse City, MI

Works great in my creole gumbo!

trustyrusty, holiday, FL

I love the fresh cut okra and use it in my Brunswick stew in place of potatoes. Adds to the stew flavor with shredded pork, carrots, green beans, corn, Rotel tomatoes, chicken soup stock and some Dale's seasoning.

lmoscato40, Winter Springs, FL
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