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Summerset® Decaf Tea Bags, 1.6oz 

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Summerset<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Decaf Tea Bags, 1.6oz
Have a refreshing drink ready in minutes with Summerset Decaf Tea Bags. Traditional decaffeinated tea blend is delicious served hot or cold.

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I love this tea and i can only have Decaf teas because of my migraines. My store doesn't carry it very often, they carry 5 different brands of regular but never any other kinds of Decaf tea. It seem like, that they would have it more often since it's the only brand of decaf they carry. I hope my store gets it for me soon

vicann, overland, MO

These tea bags are very good. I drink hot tea just about every night & love that I can buy decaf at Save-a-Lot. It makes the best ice tea also, great flavor & color! The price is right!

monkmama, Verona, NY
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