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Deluxe Mac N Cheese, 14oz 

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Deluxe Mac N Cheese, 14oz

Get the rich, creamy flavor of the national brands at a fraction of the price with So-Cheezy Deluxe Mac & Cheese. Tender macaroni in an extra-creamy cheese sauce. Easy to make!

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this is so good but it dosint have a lot of pasta in whole box.

roygie, sanford, FL

this is good it even comes with cheese same as shells mac and cheese.

roygie, sanford, FL

does anyone notice the smell coming from the cheese ? I don't think I will be buyijng anymore of those cheap products. Guess if you want good taste you have to buy kraft.

maranzy7, philadelphia, PA

My kids like better than Kraft

Dentalbabe, Hamilton, MI

mmmm =)

amyuspbio, Upper Darby, PA