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Deluxe Mac N Cheese, 14oz 

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Deluxe Mac N Cheese, 14oz

Get the rich, creamy flavor of the national brands at a fraction of the price with So-Cheezy Deluxe Mac & Cheese. Tender macaroni in an extra-creamy cheese sauce. Easy to make!

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Who doesn't love good Mac and Cheese? Young and old alike enjoy the creamy cheesiness and the firm noodles. The price is great also. I love the Mac & cheese with little cubes of "spiced hame" and "green chiles" and then baked in the oven with some extra cheese.

vlhornsby, Lebanon, TN

Great Price and Great Taste! Everyone in my family loves it! Great VALUE!

krilynn15, Orlando, FL

My husband loves the So Cheesy macaroni and cheese deluxe dinner from Save-A-Lot. He prefers it to Kraft and Velveeta brands. When it goes on sale for $1 a box, he always makes me buy the limit. Even when it is regular price, he buys several. It is the same or better quality as the leading brands, but at a much better price. Save-A-Lot is great!

stephsmith1970, Corry, PA

This was a great surprise - better tasting than the "national brand" and such a bargain. Very quick and easy too.


My kids love this mac n cheese more than the name brand. It is creamy and tasty.

heartsandhome, Fort WOrth, TX