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Deluxe Mac N Cheese, 14oz 

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Deluxe Mac N Cheese, 14oz

Get the rich, creamy flavor of the national brands at a fraction of the price with So-Cheezy Deluxe Mac & Cheese. Tender macaroni in an extra-creamy cheese sauce. Easy to make!

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this is so good but it dosint have a lot of pasta in whole box.

roygie, sanford, FL

this is good it even comes with cheese same as shells mac and cheese.

roygie, sanford, FL

does anyone notice the smell coming from the cheese ? I don't think I will be buyijng anymore of those cheap products. Guess if you want good taste you have to buy kraft.

maranzy7, philadelphia, PA

My kids like better than Kraft

Dentalbabe, Hamilton, MI

mmmm =)

amyuspbio, Upper Darby, PA

This just makes dinner so easy. I like to add some spinach, chopped tomatoes, fresh chilies, and tuna or salmon and you have a complete meal. You can do anything with this and have a different dish every time.

annetteutz, Salem, OR

What a great Mac & Cheese! I have used this brand for several months now and really, really like the taste and the non sticky noodles. We use this as straight M&C and also mix it in Goulashe, mix in chili and sometimes even add hot dogs! I recently bought Kraft and was not happy with the taste or stickiness of this. I was once dedicated to Kraft...NO More!!! Thank you for this product!!!

HollyH, Chanute, KS

Excellent item for the price and quality of the product.

stan1503, Altoona, PA

Love this product! so easy, all you have to do is add the cheese sauce! no milk or butter to add and it tastes delicious as well! I brown up some ground turkey I get from save-a-lot and and it to the mac and cheese along with a can of corn, a little jar of pimentos and some mexican blend cheese. put it in a casserole dish and add some crushed tortilla chips and more cheese. All these items I get from Save-a-lot. Its delicious!!

alpl09, FL

This Macaroni and Cheese is great!!! I used to buy Vevetta but Now I only buy this. You've got to try it Yummy!!! Thank you, Cas

robandcassie, Mabank, TX

We use 5-6 boxes per week!

bud, Fort Pierce, FL

I love the cheese with added sausage for a different taste,easy one pan meal and no leftovers,I use turkey sausage for more nutricious meal,add peppers and satisfying dish,try it you'll love to try others meats,also.Yummy.

cnjones71, Ocklawaha, FL

I love the cheese with added sausage for a different taste,easy one pan meal and no leftovers,I use turkey sausage for more nutricious meal,add peppers and satisfying dish,try it you'll love to try others meats,also.Yummy.

cnjones71, Ocklawaha, FL

Great product when I'm in a hurry and need a quick side item. I add extra cheddar and american cheese and it is awesome!

shauntrisa, Decatur, AL

I LOVE this mac and cheese!!!! Cheaper and so much better then the expensive Kraft brand!!!!!! So much flavor in this cheese compared to others I have tried!

brazilchick32, Citrus Springs, FL

This mac and cheese is the best I have tasted next to Krafts. You will not go wrong picking this choice.

denny_tina, Salem, IL

This is one of my favorite types of macaroni and cheese!!! I would much rather pay less and get the same (or better) flavor and quality than some of the big brands. Who needs a brand name to eat good!? 5 Stars for one of my favorite foods!!

meghanyohe, Reynoldsville, PA

Easy quick meal and kids love it!

sheilaemoffatt, Chillicothe, OH

My kids love Mac&Cheese and so do I. This is just as good as the brand name.


My family loves this product! This is a weekly item that can't be missed when we shop!

jporsch722, Camden, AR

This is as good as name brand. I made this one night and the name brand the next night,. Funny thing is everyone thought this was the name brand and that the name brand was Save a lot's brand. Boy they were so surprised when I revealed the truth.

memeisfun, Orlando, FL

The macaroni and cheese mix is the perfect product for our family recipe. Hamburger, macaroni & cheese, and cream of chicken (or mushroom) soup make an affordable and delicious family meal. Thanks!

sheridan, Americus, GA

This is very comparable to the name brand at a fraction of the cost!!

bon147, Uhrichsville, OH

All time family favorite! Perfectly creamy :)

amy091605, Clinton, IN

This is one of the best macaroni and cheeses out there. And the cost is so affordable. It's better than Velveeta and Cheese sauce, because there is so much more cheese sauce. You can even add extra macaroni if you have unexpected guests. There's really that much cheese!

indylou, Carleton, MI

My husband loves this mac and cheese.

miller01, kannapolis, NC

this is the best ever,my kids love it !

samatha13, Philadelphia, PA

Tastes just like Kraft, delicioso!

tooyv, Nashville, NC

I now purchase the Save A Lot brand over the Kraft Velveeta brand. Its very good, very comparable and much cheaper.

filly007, Dunnellon, FL

some of the bet macaroni and cheese you will ever eat!

rrich67, McAlester, OK

This is just as good as the national brand for a lot less money. Kids love it which really says it all.

clasygrl38, Tampa, FL

This mac & cheese is just as good as a certain name brand, and the price is so much better!

gubby420, Painesville, OH

Tastes great and super quick and easy to fix as a side dish when your short on time. Great food at a great price.

knaugler, inverness, FL

The kids really like this mac and cheese

gigi55, Olney, IL

This item is really not bad. It has the smooth cheese that comes with it, not that powdery stuff you see in some of the cheese and macaroni...well worth the price!!

2market, Wimauma, FL

I always buy this when on sale.It's good W/tuna,onions and a can of pea's.

trustyrusty, holiday, FL

I like this one, to me it's better then the shells & cheddar.


The first time I tried this product, my kids didn't like it, but then I made it again, but this time added butter, milk and salt along with the cheese packet sauce and it came out great. My kids love it.

recessionbetty, harlingen, TX

Great. Good with hot dogs, tuna, sausage, even chile.

ScotIrishPirate, Winter Garden, FL

GREAT. Good with tuna, cut up hot dogs, even chile.

ScotIrishPirate, Winter Garden, FL

Who doesn't love good Mac and Cheese? Young and old alike enjoy the creamy cheesiness and the firm noodles. The price is great also. I love the Mac & cheese with little cubes of "spiced hame" and "green chiles" and then baked in the oven with some extra cheese.

vlhornsby, Lebanon, TN

Great Price and Great Taste! Everyone in my family loves it! Great VALUE!

krilynn15, Orlando, FL

My husband loves the So Cheesy macaroni and cheese deluxe dinner from Save-A-Lot. He prefers it to Kraft and Velveeta brands. When it goes on sale for $1 a box, he always makes me buy the limit. Even when it is regular price, he buys several. It is the same or better quality as the leading brands, but at a much better price. Save-A-Lot is great!

stephsmith1970, Corry, PA

This was a great surprise - better tasting than the "national brand" and such a bargain. Very quick and easy too.


My kids love this mac n cheese more than the name brand. It is creamy and tasty.

heartsandhome, Fort WOrth, TX
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