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Tickles® Diapers Size 3, 36ct 

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Why throw away money on overpriced diapers when you can have Tickles Diapers Size 3? Highly absorbent and comfortable diapers at an affordable price.

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I just tried these diapers this month on my 15month old son, and was very pleasantly surprised. I only bought them because of the money back guarantee but I've used almost all of them with no problems - no leaks, no rashes. They're definitely not the top of the line diapers, but they seem to do the job.

sarahklier, Grand Rapids, MI

We've used Tickles Brand diapers almost exclusively since my daughter was born (she's 12 months now); but in the last couple months they have changed their diapers and now they leak. We've switched brands because of it. Please switch back, we really loved our Save-A-Lot Diapers.

jamier, Holland, NY
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