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Diane's Garden® Diced Tomato Basil, Garlic, Oregano, 14.5oz 

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Diane's Garden<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Diced Tomato Basil, Garlic, Oregano, 14.5oz
You can really taste the difference with Diane's Garden Tomatoes with Basil, Garlic, & Oregano. Great for marinara, sauces, soups, and stews!

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We enjoy using this in all types of dishes. Using this instead of spagetti sauce makes the meal light and tasty. Love the herbs and spices with the tomatoes just the right blend

BarbJS, Port Orchard, WA

Diane's canned goods are the best out there. Quality is well above average, consistently good & the can is filled to the top with tomatoes (not juice) and price is Great. I won't buy the name brands even when on sale.... Diane's is the only one you'll find in our pantry. Thanks Save A Lot. We love your products.

MNBiy, Avon Park, FL

This is a great product to use in many dishes. Sav-a-lot price is about half of other stores in my area. A great savings!

lwhblh, Huntington, WV

I always used a well known brand and once I tried these I never went back to the other brand.

no1uofmfan9559, Middleville, MI

Diane's Garden sauces are important main ingredients in our delicious homemade vegetable soups and chilis!

YAKWAKDOT, Bradenton, FL

I love adding these tomatoes to many of my crock-pot recipes.


I like to add this to my chili for some extra flavor.

bowlingbrenda, Crossville, TN

These are my absolute favorite tomatoes! The seasoning is perfect and they seem to have less acidity than some cans. I cook 1 pound of Jenny-o ground turkey, one small onion and a can of these tomatoes for a yummy pasta sauce.

dottynay, Maylene, AL


Sweet_k_1975, Texarkana, AR

These diced flavored tomatoes are great! I use them in stews, chili, casseroles or to eat as stewed tomatoes. They have great flavor and are firm . The best canned tomatoes I have ever eaten.

Grandma234678, Winamac, IN

I love these small cans of goodness. They make any dinner wonderful. So much flavor packed in a can. Tonya Holmes

dholmes, Hagerstown, MD

This stuff is AWESOME!! I can't get enough of it! I finally found that specific, authentic taste that I was looking for! I will pass up closer grocery stores just to go to Save A Lot to get this!


My family loves these canned tomatoes I always have a can on hand to add to spaghetti sauce, or to make salsa. This is a product I could not do without. The tomatoes are delicious and seem so fresh.

mfarrell24, Grand Rapids, MI

Absolutely the best diced tomatoes on the market! Seasoned to perfection! You can use these, drained a little, with a can of drained red kidney beans, sliced vadalia onions and some Italian salad dressing for a yummie dish - just put it all together, stir, chill and serve! It is a sad day when I go shopping and they are out of stock.

hollora, Orrington , ME

This are the best and the only ones i buy and i use them for a lot of different recipes and there great .love it!!!

gatugiselle0578, Fayetteville, NC

These are the best canned tomatoes I have ever found. Great texture and taste!

catsilver2580, Naples, FL

No matter what you add these tomatoes to it's delicious. The basil, garlic, and oregano are amazing!! I made spagetti one night with just the meat and tomatoes and onions and it was deeeeellliiissshhh!!

clemonsrecovery, Wray, GA

Diane's Garden Diced Tomato Basil, Garlic, oregano contains just the right amount of italian herbs to season my italian creation like lasagna, spaghetti & my favorite macaroni hamburger italian dish. I also us it in my salmon gumbo. It adds that garden fresh taste to your recipe.

dollarbill, Detroit, MI

I love the seasoning flavor of these canned tomoatoes. This saves me so much time too. No need to add anything!


I love using these tomatoes, they have just the right about of matter what recipe I use them in. My husband likes stewed tomatoes made with these!

ladytrapper, Wilder, TN

We love these seasoned diced tomatoes for chili; pasta sauce; and stir fries.

bev, Everett, PA

I use a lot of canned tomatoes in many of my recipes, my favorite is Diane's diced tomatoes with Basil /Garlic/ & Oregano. It adds that special taste to my pasta dishes, soups and appetizers.

dsprosise, Ocala,, FL

These are very fresh tasting and seasoned well. These tomatoes go easily in many recipies and it helps out that they are already seasonsed a little to kick start a recipe.

valusa2, Boardman, OH

This product is great- awesome price and always ripe and delicious. It makes cooking tasty meals very easy.


These tomatoes make it so quick to whip up a marinara sauce to go with just about anything. Quick is always good in our house.


LOVE this product! I used to buy Hunt's from the commissary and Diane's Garden is almost HALF the price! I use them in numerous recipes like Bruschetta Chicken. The taste is SO much more bold than adding all the ingredients on your own....these are ALWAYS a staple in our pantry!

MommaMer, Fayetteville, NC
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