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Bubba® Diet Cola Blue, 67.6oz 

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Bubba<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Diet Cola Blue, 67.6oz

Get all the sparkling cola taste you're after without the calories with Crisp Bubba Diet Cola. So cool and refreshing!

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It's definitely worth trying for the price! Good flavor not exactly like diet coke but not bad. My favorite one overall.

callmichele10, Gainesville, FL

One of the few diet sodas that leaves no aftertaste. Easily compares to Diet Coke but for a fraction of the price. Who needs Coke coupons when this is half the price all the time!

LulaBDouglas, Owensville, MO

I love it and the fact is has aspartame doesn't bother me at all! If you look at all your food labels there are more ingredients that are more harmful! I love these sodas and they are very affordable.

cvdixon29, Mount Airy, NC

Used to be great until aspartame was added instead of sucralose. Now it makes me sick, so I don't buy it anymore and won't until it changes back, if it ever does.


This is a great soda for the price. You don't have to wait for a sale.

csyoungcs, Versailles, KY
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