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Crisp Diet Lemon-Lime Zero, 67.6oz 

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Crisp<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Diet Lemon-Lime Zero, 67.6oz

Enjoy the fresh and fruity taste of Crisp Diet Lemon-Lime Soda. Fun flavors your family loves at a bargain price!

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This tastes better thane the national brand at a fraction of the cost

vmiller, Kannapolis, NC

This is the soda I buy for a lemon-lime flavor. It's the cheapest and best I've found.

kmitchel70, New Martinsville, WV

I really enjoy this soda. it is cool and refreshing. This is just as good as any of the name brand sodas but without the higher price.

green_angel12345, Ashland, OH

My husband is a diabetic, but loves to drink soft drinks. Lemon Lime Diet Crisp is less that half the cost of comparable lemon lime soda beverages on the market. My whole family loves the taste, and the savings are so worth it.

raggedyangi, Chalmette, LA

This refreshing beverage compares well to name brands costing twice as much. It has a clean, refreshing taste--especially for a diet drink--and we will continue to purchase it.

annludwick, York, PA
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