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Mountain Holler® Diet Mountain Holler, 67.7oz 

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Mountain Holler<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Diet Mountain Holler, 67.7oz

Quench your thirst with the bold taste of Diet Mountain Holler. Crisp citrus-flavored soda.

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As a diet soda this is a great one. It doesn't taste diet and doesn't leave any after taste. My kids actually love this soda better then regular Mt.Dew. Love it.... Now only if they would make the red one in diet.... Life would be good.

tktina, sanford , ME

I like Diet Mountain Holler as well as the national brand

rgrun, Brooksville, FL

I love the Mt Holler but wqnted a diet...Great! Our local Sav a Lot now has the Diet Mt Holler. I cant get enough!


My brother drinks Diet Mountain Holler as most people drink coffee. This value drink has saved my budget. Sue

glaser, Warner Robins, GA
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