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Trooper Dog Food, 15lb 

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Trooper<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Dog Food, 15lb

Feed your dog right with Trooper Custom Value Dry Dog Food. Crunchy and nutritious kibble your pooch will love.

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We actually drive out of our way to get this food. We have 5 dogs that have different allergies. One of them is so allergic to red dye that she will lose all her hair and get very suck. All of my dogs look great on this food. We no longer buy 30$ dog food because this seems to do better with our dogs. We tell everyone about it.


Not my favorite, but when things get tight, I have to buy it. Dogs scarf it right down! no ill effects.

jack31961, Henry, TN

WARNING..Do not buy!!! My girls are not picky eaters, in fact, one is more like a garbage disposal and will eat anything. They didn't want anything to do with this dog food. My oldest ran and hid from it. The other, being hungry, ate about a 1/2 cup 2 days ago and has diarrhea, extremely smelly gas, and has been vomiting ever since. No stars!

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