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McDaniels Donut Shop Coffee, 12oz 

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McDaniels<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Donut Shop Coffee, 12oz

Made with 100% Arabica beans, McDaniel's Donut Shop Coffee gives you everything to start your morning off right.

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This really is as good as dunkin and at half the price. WE tried it thinking well at that cost it will be no good but money was tight. now its all we buy. Some times a bargain really is a bargain

bmcoll3278, Longmont, CO

I have to agree with the other reviewer, this coffee is amazingly good!!! Don't get me wrong, the price is about the same as your name brand Arabica coffee, but it is what it is for this type of beverage. is really good and competes with other well establish coffee brands that are not living up to there reputation.

bettershpr, Richmond, VA

As an avid coffee Conoisseur, I have to admit...this coffee is awesome! Not to mention, half the price of the "major" Donut Coffee Brand that is sooo popular right now. I will continue to buy this product every week and it is well worth the purchase. Highly Recommended!

anikatalbot, COLUMBUS, GA
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