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Dr. Pop® Dr. Pop, 67.6oz 

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Get the great taste of your favorite soda at a fraction of the price of the national brands with Dr. Pop! Classic bubbly soda with the distinctive taste-irresistible!

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Great soda does taste like dr. Pepper very much and the price you can't beat

The_Save_a_lot_cool_shopper, Whitesville, WV

it's the nastiest stuff to ever put in your mouth. didn't taste at all like a Dr Pepper.


Normally Dr POP is great and I have no problems , these last 2, 2 liter bottles went flat after very short times. The 2nd bottle after I poured my 1st cup from it, the pop in my cup had gone completely flat withing 1 min by the time I got back to the den. Something must be wrong with that batch. I have never had that problem before.

eddyleesmith, Hemet, CA

tastes more like root beer "the Dr." and has a very medicine-like taste. For our family, this does not live up to the other varieties of colas at Save a Lot .


My favorite pop!

Rmuse, Wellington, MO