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Crystal20 Drinking Water 16.9 Oz, 405.6oz 

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Crystal20<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Drinking Water 16.9 Oz, 405.6oz
Stay hydrated with Crystal 20 Drinking Water 16.9 oz. Pure and refreshing water in a convenient plastic bottle-great for people on the go!

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the price on this was 2.49 per but now they don;t have it. they have another brand and selling it at 3.99 per 24 case

marybelle95, west liberty , IL

$2.49/24 16.9 ounces PURIFIED Drinking water which tastes good is a no brainer-worth going to buy JUST THIS! I buy other bargains there, too but no more expensive water from other places. ***** 5 Star Drinking water with 0 calories

iamapackrat, Fort Myers, FL

Where else can you buy drinking water this inexpensive.....You can't beat SAVE-A-LOT's prices!!!!

andrea54, Fruitland Park, FL

i think this is the best water out there. my family goes through 4 cases of this water a month and the price is awsome.

lisastorey, Thomaston, GA

I used to drink nothing but Dasani water, but after trying this water. I will no longer be paying $7 for a case of Dasani. Ill be buying my water from Save-a-Lot. Crystal water taste just as good! Actually, paying $3 a case for this water makes it taste a lot better!