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Cat Cuisine® Dry Adult Complete Cat Food, 3.5lb 

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Cat Cuisine<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Dry Adult Complete Cat Food, 3.5lb
Kitties will come running for the great taste of Cat Cuisine Dry Adult Complete Cat Food. Nutritionally balanced formula meets the specific needs of adult cats. Delicious meals for your kitty-at a fraction of the price of national brands!

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If your cat is picky, don't buy this one. My cat reluctantly ate this but when I bought Purina Cat Chow, he would not touch Cat Cuisine. This brand does not compare to Purina in taste. The ingredients, however are very similar and so is the guaranteed analysis. For sure, I'll spend the extra few cents to keep my kitty happy.


My finicky cats LOVE this stuff!! They eat just like they used to eat the name brand food.

srw724, Deland, FL
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