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Coburn Farms® Egg Zactly Egg Substitute, 16oz 

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Coburn Farms<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Egg Zactly Egg Substitute, 16oz
Have the satisfying breakfast you want without the guilt with Coburn Farms Eggzactly Egg Substitute. Delicious egg taste with less fat and cholesterol than whole eggs. Made with real eggs.

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Better than the big name brands, and cheaper too.

watts4664, Panama City, FL

I agree with all the above reviews - better taste and price than the name brands.


Just like Egg Beaters, but MUCH better priced!!!

atlineberry2, Americus, GA

Just as good as the name brand...and much cheaper price

slane1250, Bicknell, IN

Excellent unbreakable egg source for camping and travel. I make omelettes with this and the frozen green peppers mix and fresh mushrooms. Quick and easy and healthy too. Yumm

Bkbkbgok, Youngstown, NY