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Baked Fresh® English Muffin Plain, 12oz 

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Baked Fresh<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> English Muffin Plain, 12oz
Skip the hassle and expense of the fast-food chains with these Baked Fresh Plain English Muffins. Create your own breakfast sandwiches or enjoy them spread with butter and jam. A delicious treat anytime-piping hot from your toaster!

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This is great we use it for breakfast and making personal pizzas. Always fresh!

charmagne, New Orleans, LA

We buy these all of the time!

toddarn, Winchester, OH

Love these English muffins! Great quick morning breakfast or afternoon snack. I also love feeding these to my niece when babysitting, they are her favorite!

brandilyon, Chula, GA

Need a simple after school snack for the kids or the kid in you? Toast these english muffins, top with some pizza sauce, cheese and pepperoni.. place under the broiler just until the cheese melts and starts to bubble. Allow to cool for a few minutes and "BAM" you have little individual pizzas.. especially great for the picky eaters so you can put or delete items.. it is your choice. You can even make a project out of these with the kids... (make sure they know not to use the oven unless they already know how) but toast the english muffins for them... give each child a plate with a half each.. let them make their own... then you place under the broiler. Can even be used for a simple finger food for those unexpected guests.. always a hit in our house!

wilsontricia, Palm Bay, FL

Great for a quick breakfast.