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Kiggins Enriched Bran Flakes, 17.3oz 

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Kiggins<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Enriched Bran Flakes, 17.3oz
Eating sensibly is simple with Kiggins Enriched Bran Flakes. Crunchy bran flakes are fortified with nutrients and are loaded with dietary fiber. Try them topped with your favorite fruit!

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I LOVE THE BRAN FLAKES!!!! I have to have me a bowl every morning!!!! They are essential to my morning and buy a delicious bag of raisins to go with them and a box of allure sweetener and put one packet of sweetner! For the price they are wonderful!!!!!

bduke, Wilsonville, AL

I really like this cereal. It is similar to Smart Start. It taste good and has a good amount of vitamins in it. It's very good!

mesugSheerie, Jacksonville, FL

Your Bran Flakes are so yummy! We don't care for raisons, so we buy just the flake kind and yours is by far the best. Fresh, crispy, healthy goodness. The price is right too as well as the amount in the pakage.

pamstevens56, Sarasota, FL

Your Bran Flakes are great, especially since we must eat them for health reasons and the price is right.

danandruth, Orlando, FL

My daughter started me on bran flakes. After buying your bran flakes, especially with the great price, we cannot eat any other brand!! Thanks.

craftysharon19, Port Orange, FL